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Since most major appliances keep running smoothly for a decade or more, its not an everyday occurrence when one breaks down or malfunctions. When it does, though, the inconvenience can really wreak havoc in your lifestyle and your family: dishes stack up, laundry doesn't get done, and food prep can be a disaster. Fortunately there is a place that can fix the problem. At MILBOURNE'S technicians are trained, reliable, and prompt. We offer reasonable prices and will be honest and tell you if your appliance is not worth fixing.

MILBOURNE'S is a local company serving the Fayetteville Area with over 30 years combined experience in the business. We can fix most appliances and if the job is too much for us we will be honest enough to tell you and refer you to another reputable company who can meet your needs. It is not about us but all about you...

Refrigerator Repair

Stop and think about the how much you and your family opens and closes your refrigerator door in a day. Even when you are watching TV or sleeping, this vital appliance is still working to keep your food and beverages fresh and cold. Your refrigerator is probably the most important and hardest working appliance in your home. When it is not working it causes major disruptions in your home. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your refrigerator's performance call us. Time is of the essence. We have the skills and the know how to bring you speedy, long lasting solutions. When it comes to refrigerator repair, time is of the essence to prevent spoilage so contact us today.

Washing Machine Repair

You depend on your Washer to keep you and your family's clothes clean. When it breaks down, you're stuck hand-washing clothing in the sink, or spending time and money in the laundromat. If you think it is a problem with your machine call us right away. Don't wait until your problem gets worse. Our repair technician will diagnose the problem and have your machine back up in no time.

Call us to schedule an appointment if your washing machine won't turn on or its exhibiting any other problems like:


Not filling or draining,

Stopping Mid-Cycle,

Making Unusual Noises,

Not Spinning, or

Not Cleaning the Clothes properly

Our team at MILBOURNE'S is qualified to handle your washing machine repairs for all major brands and models. We're experienced in repairing both front-loading and top-loading machines; with agitator or without agitator. Whether you need a new water pump, timer, temperature switch, or even a new motor, we can handle it! 

We provide a 180 day Warranty on new parts and 30 day warranty on labor.

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