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Milbourne Investment Properties

Milbourne Investment Properties is a real estate investment company which specializes in buying properties and fixing them up for sale or rent. Though most real estate investment companies emphasize profit, we also have a strong desire to improve the communities we invest in.

Finding a good property to flip is one of the most difficult tasks as a Real Estate Investor especially if the intention is a quick-turn investment. Not only are there other investors to compete with, more and more first time buyers are competing for the same properties-not to fix up and sell, but to repair and live in. This is where we may be able to help you.

Milbourne Investments has a team of professionals that is willing to give you top priority. When you rehab a house, things must be done in the correct order. For example you need to finish the plumbing before you put up the sheetrock and paint. If you do not line up the deal and coordinate contractors properly it can cost you lots of profit potential. Besides the obvious monetary cost of holding the property while you wait for repairs to be completed, a holdup can push you from a good real estate season into a lousy one.

If you are a Real Estate Investor seeking a good flip, First time home buyer seeking a property with some equity, or a soldier or individual just seeking to Rent a home in the Fayetteville Area, give us a call at (910) 670-4649. We have built a network and put together the resources to assist you.